In Search Of: Speedlights

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Low light photography can result in blurry subjects or grainy pictures, and brightly lit spaces can leave you with dark shadows on faces and in corners. Using an external flash can greatly help you get better lighting, but flashes can be tricky. Those built-in camera flashes really don't help much, but adding another piece of hardware to an already complicated DSLR can really get confusing. During this discussion, we will talk about adding an external flash to your camera, and also what is needed if you want to take the next step and get that flash off-camera.  This article from B&H is a great resource that helped me answer many of the questions we will be discussing.

On Camera Flash

- What camera settings do you use?

- Do you bounce your flash?

- Do you add any diffusers to your flash?

- Is your flash a zoom flash? (What does that even mean?)

Off Camera Flash 

- What is TTL, and do you care for off-camera?

- Can I use my flash off camera without any other hardware required?

- What are the differences between infrared and radio triggers?

Please bring your cameras and flashes, and feel free to bring laptops if you'd like to see how your pictures look on a larger screen. We can practice with photographing people in my studio and around the house.

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